About Sports Section

The Sports Department of the College was founded in 1971 with the purpose of fostering sports and individual development in this area.  The departments have created and established a robust sporting infrastructure and amenities for college students during this time period.

The gymkhana facility is located on the first floor of the college’s new structure.  Indoor game facilities such as chess, carom, and table tennis are housed here.  Our college has a shooting range on the main building’s terrace.

The boxing club is located on the first floor of the new building.  A well-equipped gymnasium is located on the ground level of the college building. On the campus grounds, there is a badminton court and a wide playground to promote the culture of field games.


The Sports Department aims to bring about social transformation through promoting sports and fostering knowledge of sports among individuals, culminating in character development and inclusive growth.

It focuses on the overall development of the body, mind, and health of the youth and common individuals. Individual self-esteem, confidence, and the ability to effectively deal with stress are major building blocks of a community and nation, so the Department of Sports places a premium on identifying and nurturing sporting talent, allowing them to shine and excel in the sports arena by creating a sports-centric ecosystem.


A clear and constructive mission is the key to achieving the Department’s stated goal in a practical manner. Sports and infrastructure are the two most closely related components that play a critical part in elevating any athlete’s performance to new heights.

The department has a strong emphasis on a practical approach to structured mission, competitive sports promotion, physical activity, a healthy lifestyle, sports coaching and training, and sports-related events. The Department is also on a mission to find developing sports talent in a variety of sports disciplines in every nook and corner Furthermore, the Sports Department’s fundamental purpose is to promote and enhance sports performances at national and international levels, as well as health awareness and improving quality of life.

Infrastructure :

Sr. No.

Building/ Structure of Classroom Area



1450.47 square feet.



880 square feet.


Air Rifle and Pistol shooting range

10 meter


Play Ground

8135 square meter