NAAC Critertion Wise Committee

NAAC Critertion Wise Committee

  • Dr. A. W. Ubale (Principal)
  • Dr. Janki Savagaon (Vice Principal)
  • Dr. A .V. Shelke (Vice Principal)
  • Dr. Deepa Katre (Co-ordinator of the IQAC)

Criterion 1: Curricular Aspects

  • Dr. S. T. Dongre (Co-ordinator)
  • Prof. Vandana Bendale (Member)
  • Prof. P. M. Pagare (Member)
  • Prof. Pradnya Vartak (Member)
  • Prof. Snehal Raut (Member)
  • Prof. Joya Gonsalves (Member)

Criterion 2: Teaching-Learning and Evaluation

  • Prof. Amrita Jadhav (Co-ordinator)
  • Prof. Willy Shah (Member)
  • Prof. Aditi Yadav (Member)
  • Prof. Shruti Arekar (Member)
  • Prof. Dipti Patil (Member)
  • Dr. Abhilasha Magar (Member)
  • Prof. Sadhana Purkait (Member)

Criterion 3: Research, Innovations and Extension

  • Dr. Sunil Avhad (Co-ordinator)
  • Prof. Sudhir Saidane (Member)
  • Prof. Sanap (Member)
  • Prof. Rahul Zade (Member)
  • Prof. Pranita Vaze (Member)

Criterion 4: Infrastructure and Learning Resources

  • Dr. H. R. Khambayat (Co-ordinator)
  • Prof. Bangar (Member)
  • Prof. Auti (Member)
  • Prof. Bhaigirath (Member)
  • Prof. Greta Dabre (Member)

Criterion 5: Student support and Progression

  • Dr. Manish Tirpude (Co-ordinator)
  • Prof. Pravin Dhangada (Member)
  • Prof. Sachin Dhodi (Member)
  • Prof. Meenakshi Bhattu (Member)
  • Prof. D. Maule (Member)

Criterion 6: Governance, Leadership and Management

  • Prof. Bhavana Chauhan’s (Co-ordinator)
  • Prof. S. K. Pise (Member)
  • Prof. Jeenal Gandhi’s (Member)
  • Dr. Gayatri Rajput (Member)
  • Prof. Amar Madia (Member)
  • Prof. Sairam Iyear (Member)
  • Prof. Arshi Menon (Member)

Criterion 7: Institutional Values and Best Practices

  • Dr. V. P. Bansode(Co-ordinator)
  • Dr. Dakhore (Member)
  • Prof. Madhav Pawar (Member)
  • Prof. Latika Patil (Member)
  • Prof. Snehal Raut (Member)
  • Prof. Sheweta Iyer (Member)