About NCC

There are Two divisions of NCC, Junior division which is for school students and training for this division is of 2 Years Cadets who complete the training of JD receives “A” Certificate & Senior Division which is for college students and training for this division is of 3 years Cadets who complete the training of SD receives “B&C” Certificates.

NCC In College

NCC Sub Unit was established in year 1999 in Vartak college by Capt.Dr.M.L.Andhale, It is the Senior division which consists of 3 years of training and exam for “B & C” Certificate. The unit which is setup here is 1 MAH ARMD SQN NCC which is known as Fighting corps of Indian Army .This  Sub-Unit  consists of 60 vacancies in total including all three year cadets. Every year enrollment takes place to refill the number of Vacancies vacant after passing of 3rd year cadet. When the Selection Procedure Transpires Students who are Willing to Join participates and Then we make them Undergo a Tough selection procedure which includes ( Physical Training, Written test, Medical test, Mental strength test, etc ) and after Checking the competency and caliber we choose best to fill the vacant seats. Priority is also given to Students who have made an Exemplary Devotion in Field of Sports, Cultural Activities or is a superior Instrument Playing Artist. For First Three years the enrollment was only opened for boys later the 33% seats were reserved for Senior wing(SW) cadets.

1. Information About Teaching Staff:-
There are Assigned Faculties to the Unit of NCC. UNIT consists of a Commanding Officer (CO), Associated NCC Officer (ANO), and Permanent Instructors (PI) consisting of one JCO & NCO’s staff for conducting training of the Cadets.

2. Training Of Cadets :-
Every Friday ANO & PI Staff Peregrinate to Teach Cadets about Drill, Physical training, Obstacle training, Map reading, Weapon Training,  Field Craft & Battle Craft, Military Discipline, And as per the Unit is based its of Calvary regiment that is , the Unit which consists of Battle tanks so Cadets are instructed about ( Parts of Tank, Tanks used in Indian ARMY, Battle Fought with Tanks etc.)

3. Camps Conducted:-
Recently there have been 2 Camps conducted in Vartak College Annual training camp (ATC) & Combined Annual Training Camps (CATC) to Enroll the Quality of Social Adaptability among Cadets. And to train them under same Environment here they have been Demonstrated about Drill, Physical training, Sports, Weapon Training, Firing, Map reading, FC&BC, Social Activities etc. Cadets From Three Colleges took part (Vartak, Mithibai , GG). Total Strength of 200 Cadets were present in College Performing Various Activities.

4. Social Activities Performed By Cadets:-
Cadets performs various social activities from our vartak college Recently Performed activities are Tree plantation, Blood donation, Traffic Controll Duties With help of local police station, Cleanliness Drives, Spreading Covid-19 awareness through Poster making ,Take part in Police Rising Day Programme, Spreading Aids Awareness, Cyclothon rally, etc.

5. Celebration of 15thAug(Independence day) & 26th Jan(Republic day):-
ANO & Cadets Commemorate the most Important days of history 15th Aug and 26th Jan by Setting Out an Excellent Devoted program to the Freedom Fighters. Flag area is been decorated , the Great Maratha king Chattrapati Shivaji Mahraj is being flower platted & Dignified and the founder of Vartak college Respected Shri. Annasaheb Vartak is also being Dignified by plating the flowers , setting of parade , flag hoisting and other cultural activities are being arranged by our ANO and Cadets.

6. Achievements Of Cadets:-
After successful Completion of 3 years of training and taking the hold of “B&C” Certificates Cadets are benefited in many terms and as they are filled with qualities they get Selected Easily. Same History of Cadets , we have from Our Vartak College  Cadets got Selected for Republic Day camp, Thal sena camp, Some were selected as Best Firer and Some in Cultural Events. After Passing Out Many Cadets Joined the Defence Forces , Paramilitary forces, Civil Services & Some Of them  Excelled in Civil Sector. Recently Passed Out Cadets who Joined Indian Army (Shailesh Yadav, Brijesh Yadav, Suraj Yadav ).

In the academic  Year 2010 Capt. Dr. Andhale Mahadev Recipient of “ Outstanding Teacher Award” for outstanding contribution in the field of education by College Management Committee .

Capt. Dr. Andhale M.L

NCC Officer

Departmental Activities

There are various National Camps conducted in NCC. Accordingly after taking a glance & and letting them go through some tests Cadets are sent for Camps according to their capabilities. Some of the well known camps are Republic Day Camp, National Intergation Camp,Youth Exchange Programme Camp, Thal Sena Camp, Basic leadership Camp, Tracking Camp, Advance Leadership Camp, etc. Through Republic Day Camp (RDC) Cadets get to represent themselves their unit as well as their state at national level by performing on RAJPATH on 26th January also the Cadets can get select for “Best Cadet” who is awarded by Prime Minister. Through Youth Exchange Programme Cadets get to Represent India at International level.

Information(strength, details of the staff and infrastructure):-

There is Physical & Educational training given to NCC Cadets. We can Separate this in Various Kind such as:-

Weapon training:-In this cadets are instructed about assembling, dissembling & Use of rifles for firing . Rifles included for weapon training in NCC are ( .22 Delux, .22 mark IV, INSAS, SLR, LMG) .

MAP READING:- In this Cadets are Informed about how to use compass, Service protector devices to find a path and using these how to set a map taking bearing of Prominent Objects present on Ground.

Drill Training:– In this Cadets are turnout Into gentleman Cadets .Inspection of Cadets from his Turnover to His performance in Drill is done in Drill training .conducting drill Upthrusts the UNITY among Cadets.

Obstacle Training:– This training is conducted to increase the Stamina of the Cadets.


NCC benefits cadets in Job opportunities in both Government & Private sector. But more than any other field NCC benefits youth in joining the Indian  Armed forces ( Army, Navy, Airforce)  & Central Armed forces (CRPF,CAPF,STATE POLICE) . NCC Cadets have some special benefits in defence forces like

1. Indian Military Academy(IMA):- 32 vacancies are reserved for NCC “C” certificate holders  irrespective of position in merit list, subject of passing UPSC examination and clearing SSB Interview . Cadet will pass out as an officer after completion of ONE and half year of training with Permanent commission.

2. Officers Training Academy(OTA):- There is ‘ NCC SPECIAL ENTRY SCHEME’ for NCC “C” certificate holders with minimum ‘B’ Grade through which they don’t have to appear for written examination and can appear for direct SSB interview and join OTA and pass out as an Officer after completion of 1 year training with short service commission.

3. Other Sectors:- 60 Engineering Seats, 16 Medical Seats ,6-7% Post graduation seats are reserved for NCC cadets. NCC cadets also have Advantage in Civil services examination. RELIANCE Gives Opportunities to NCC Cadets to join as an Security Officer. NCC cadets also don’t have to appear for soldier (GD, Technical, etc) Examination If they are applying for the post of Soldier in Indian Army and they are “C” certificate holders.

4. lifetime Benefits:- NCC teaches cadet a sense of Discipline, Bearing to hold Responsibilities, Time management, Social Adaptability, Comradeship, these all are the life building Abilities which are build in this institution.