Principal’s Message

Photo : Principal
Dr. Arvind Ubale

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

Vidyavardhini’s A. V. College of Arts, K. M. College of Commerce and E.S.A. College of Science, Vasai is one of the reputed and leading colleges in the University of Mumbai.

 Education is the only medium that could bring out concrete changes in society. ‘To impart education to all the sections of society and special attention to be given to vulnerable section is one of the objectives of our institution.

 This institution has been created many Vartakites over the period   50 years of her history. It is the collective efforts of the Vidyavardhini’s family to create not only doctors, engineers, civil servants, teachers, politicians but also responsible citizens in all sense. We proudly say that students who studied in our institution have been working in different capacities. By providing a breeding ground to develop the inner talents of the students, the college takes utmost care for the comprehensive development of the students.

Indeed! It’s a matter of pride to our institution for instilling a sense of responsibility in students to make capable them in all sense. I believe students have great potentials which have to be extracted by providing unwavering commitment, logistical support and the right course of action, I am sure our institution has been rendering it since inception.

 Our college library is one of the updated libraries in the University of Mumbai. ‘Library is a hospital of the mind’, I am sure you would be able to find solace for the inquisitive mind. It is right a place where we can treat your mind’s quest and explore answers to unsolved questions. I personally believe that if we understand the mind, we understand our life.

Our cultural department has a great legacy and rich heritage, this department has been shaping students from cultural points of view. A quest for the manifestation of personality and potential can be settled down in our cultural department.

We also encourage students to join sports activities. Some of our students successfully participated in international events and have received accolades from there. This department has been organising various sports programmes for the overall development of students.

Our extension services Sports, NSS and NCC have been working in the interest of society. These departments have initiated works to inculcate a sense of social responsibility in students through social extension programmes.  Many of our students have been working in different capacities and shaping human civilisation in the right direction.

Every great change starts with a revolutionary step. Our institution takes utmost care to start new courses which fulfil the demand of changing scenario of education and students.

We have well equipped Computer Lab to offer B. Sc in Information Technology. The college has been catering for the students and making them professionally updated and employable to meet the challenges of this sector. For Post-graduation, the college has started MSc in CS, MSc in Information Technology.

We have a well-advanced Biotechnology department with the latest technology. Biotechnology has emerged as one of the popular career options for students who want to explore modern aspects of science, especially in such an atmosphere where invisible viruses have been attacking human civilization. I am sure our department provides skilled human resources to Food, textiles, pharmaceutical, agriculture and animal husbandry industries.

Along with traditional B.Com, we have B.Com in banking and insurance and bachelor of management studies. Our infrastructure is up to the mark to meet the basic need of the students.  We have Post-graduation in Economics, history and commerce and very soon we are plan to start new courses very soon.

Research is a continuous process that explores dormant ideas. For fostering research culture and considering needs and requirements of the students we have started research centres in the discipline of economics and zoology.

Our teachers have been there to inculcate an approach of scientific temperament, critical thinking and humanistic sensibilities in all our students. By every measure, our teacher’s mentoring is helpful to our students to reach at their desired destination.

I am sure our institutional structure has been producing qualified and skilful students to meet the need of shining India!

I wish you all the best!!!

Dr. Arvind Ubale