About Rural Development

“Bachelor of Arts in Rural Development or B.A. Rural Development is a three-year undergraduate programme that deals with the studying of possible effective strategies and how they could be implemented to improve the quality of rural economic well-being and life.

This three-year undergraduate programme trains the students to become agents of changes, mainly in the fields of prosperity, progress, and development in the non-urban regions of India. “



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Syllabus : Click Here To View Syllabus


Syllabus : Click Here To View Syllabus



  1. Kiran Laxman Panchal, qualifies for Masters in Arts (Economics) and is Pursuing his Ph.D. from the University of Mumbai. He is working as an Assistant professor in the Department of Economics & Rural Development since August 2018. He has completed two Faculty Development Programme in 2020.
  2. Ms. Jyoti Thankar,holds a qualification of Masters in Arts (Rural Development) from the University of Mumbai. She is working as an Assistant professor in the Department of Rural Development since October 2021.


Students from rural and tribal areas of the Palghar district are taking the opportunity to learn the traditional subject of Rural Development in Marathi medium. Students are active and involved in the departmental activity.

Departmental Activities

Department of Rural Development organizes a field trip for all the students of F.Y., S.Y., & T.Y.B.A., to learn various aspects of agricultural activities.

A one-day trip is organized for F.Y. & S.Y. Students to understand Co-operative Society, Agriculture Co-operative Credit Society, to study Self-Help Groups, Local/Weekly Markets, and Visit APMC Market.

Whereas, a two days trip is organized for T.Y.B.A. Students in the Various Agro-Based Industries, Fishery Center, Horticulture Nursery, Organic Farms, Green House/Tissue Culture Laboratory, and Agriculture Universities.


The Rural Development Department has a spacious departmental room. The Department is well equipped with one Computer, Tables and Chairs.