About Political Department

The Department of Politics came into existence in 1971 with undergraduate courses. Dr. R.K. Shrisat was the founding faculty member of the department. It is the bilingual department wherein instructions are imparted in Marathi and English language.

The faculty of the department consists of young and enthusiastic teachers. At present it has one permanent teacher and three teachers working on contractual basis. The Department offers a Bachelor Degree course with happens to be interdisciplinary in nature.

The students of the department are also involved in various other activities like creative thinking, innovative skills and humanitarian values.

The main aim of the Department is to create an academic environment wherein students can get knowledge of the subject, think critically about the world and prepare to become good citizens.


F. Y. B. A. -Paper-I Indian Political System

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S. Y. B. A. -Paper-II Political Theory

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S. Y. B. A. -Paper-III Public Administration

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S. Y. B. A. -Paper-Optional Fundamental of Law

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T. Y. B. A. -Paper-IV -VI

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  1. Nitinkumar Babasaheb Bangar: has served the department for more than a decade. His area of interest are Public Administration and Law. He Published 03 Research papers in International Research Journals. Active participation in different committees of the college. served as a Programme Officer of NSS. Successfully handled the Online Examination during lockdown period.
  2. Suresh Surve : Joined the department in Jan 2021. He has a good amount of experience  in teaching. attended several International and National conferences, presented and published 08 research papers on various topics. His areas of interest is International Relation. Active participation in all the events and activities conducted in the department.
  3. Dattatray M. Tonde : Recruited in the year 2021. He is an experienced teacher. He has served at (IDOL-Institute of Distance and Open Learning) Mumbai university. Enjoys teaching papers like Indian Political system, Public administration. His areas of interest is Local Self Government.
  4. Sumit S.Vengurlekar : Joined the department in the year 2021. He is our own Alumni. His areas of interest are Public Policy & Local Self Government. He has experience of working in government sponsored projects. Like Unnat Maharashtra Abhiyan.  He had Awarded NCC best cadet in 2015-2016.


The Department of Political science has been active in creating political awareness and inculcating social values among the students. While carrying out this agenda our department has been active in various academic and extra-curricular activities. Some of our students have successfully cleared competitive exams and also pursuing careers in different fields like Law, Media, Teaching, social work etc. following are the particular student achievements in recent years.

    • Sumit S.Vengurlekar, a student of the department successfully qualified the SET Examination in the year 2019, Recently joined as a teaching faculty on the contractual basis.
    • MVaikhari Navele, another student of the department successfully qualified the SET Examination.

Departmental Activities

The Department is actively supporting Programmes organized by the Humanities Department as a whole. Adhering to the academic calendar, completes the syllabus on time.

Organizing webinars on contemporary socio-political issues, Arrange field visits, guide student projects. Actively participates in the university exam work in the capacity of Paper setter, Moderator and Examiner. provide valuable contributions to all college committee activities.