About Geography Department

About Geography / Environmental Studies(EVS) Department

Geography is based on the locations, sites and situations on the surface of the earth. The geography department is on the first floor on the west side of the college, this department works to provide education to SYBA geography students. FYBA arts students learn physical geography and human geography in their syllabus prescribed by the University of Mumbai. At SYBA arts students learn the subjects, physiography of India, agriculture geography of India, introduction to oceanography and climatology.

In FYBCOM course geography department leads to Environmental studies subject.

Environmental study is based upon a comprehensive view of various environmental systems. It aims to make the citizens competent to do scientific work and find out practical solutions to current environmental problems.

Environmental Science Division (EVS) delivers pioneering research in fundamental and applied environmental science to better understand and solve global, national, regional, and local environmental challenges.

The Environmental Science Division (EVS) conducts basic and applied research and assessment that seek to understand how natural and human-managed environmental systems function and how system components respond to various perturbations. Core discipline strengths include both fundamental and applied research in human health and ecological risk, atmospheric sciences, climate science, ecological sciences, environmental chemistry, remediation, natural and cultural resources management, hydrology, remote sensing, environmental software development, and geographical information systems.

EVS focuses on the following research areas:

The main objectives of Environmental Studies are:

  • Creating awareness about environmental problems among people.
  • Imparting basic knowledge about the environment and its allied problems.
  • Developing an attitude of concern for the environment.

The scope of Environmental Studies is very wide and it deals with many areas like

  • Conservation of natural resources,
  • Ecological Aspects
  • Pollution of the surrounding Natural Resources,
  • Controlling the pollution,
  • Social issues connected to it,
  • Impacts of the human population on the environment.

Under this subject, we have conducted various Student Activities such as Tree Plantation and Best out of Waste (By using the Reuse / Recycle Method)



Geography teachers are constantly engaged in research, project work etc and are constantly available for students and to solve their problems.


Students of the department are very punctual and sincere. They are very active in all departmental activities.

Departmental Activities

Under this subject we have conducted various Student’s Activities such as Tree Plantation and Best out of Waste (By using Reuse / Recycle Method)

Purpose of Tree Plantation

The Tree Planting Activity aims to raise awareness to the society in the importance of planting and saving trees, express our concern to the environment, and diminish the unfavourable effects of climate change.The purpose of tree plantation is to save the endangered environment and to beautify our life.Tree plantation is significant because it is linked to our basic need for good food to eat and clean air to breathe. Aside from these necessities, they preserve biodiversity, conserve water, preserve soil, and control climate, among other things. The idea behind the tree plantation activity was to propagate the message that planting the trees helps to maintain clear eco-friendly environment reduces pollution and improves the green ambience.

Purpose of Best out of Waste (By using Reuse / Recycle Method)

Best out of waste simply means to make or to bring out something innovative and attractive thing from the material we do not use anymore, which we call waste. It is so simple process to REUSE, RECYCLE and REDUCE.Controlling the amount of waste send into landfills. Enables the students to give this creativity & innovation a shape. Reduces the destruction of forest & other eco – system. Helping the society and nation in conserving our nature.

Celebration of geography day and arrangement of  guest lectures to students.

Arrangements of study tours.


  1. A specious room with sufficient tables and chairs.
  2. Department have good WI-FI facility with computer.
  3. Wall maps.
  4. Theodolite, Dumpy level, Chain tape, Plane table survey, Prismatic compass, G.P.S, etc…
  5. S.O.I. Toposheets.