About Botany Department

The Botany Department of Vidyavardhini’s A.V. College was established in the year 1974.
The Department offers Undergraduate Courses (F.Y. B.Sc. & S.Y.B.Sc.)
Following combination of subjects with Botany are available at our college–


Combination-1– (Chemistry/Botany/Zoology) OR Combination -2-(Physics/Chemistry/Botany)


Combination-1-Chemistry/Botany OR Combination -2– Botany / Zoology

The courses are conducted as per the guidelines of the University of Mumbai.

The Department adopts a diverse methodology to emphasize maximizing students’ interest in Botany by using conventional as well as ICT tools to make learning effective.

The College has well equipped and spacious laboratories with an area of 3,600 sq. ft which is shared by the department of Botany and Zoology. The department provides an internet facility, has more than 700 slides and a number of fossils and rare preserved Botanical specimens.

The faculty members very often attend workshops/Seminars /Webinars to enhance, enrich and improve student-teacher interactions, and learning experiences and keep themselves updated with the ever-changing world of education.

All the faculty members are diligent and inspire the students to pursue academics& personal excellence.


F. Y. B. Sc.

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F. Y. B. Sc. -Botany syllabus

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S. Y. B. Sc. -Botany-SEM-III-PAPER-I

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S. Y. B. Sc. -Botany-SEM-III-PAPER-II

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S. Y. B. Sc. -Botany-SEM-III-PAPER-III

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    Assistant Professor and Head of Botany Department has teaching experience of more than 27 years. She has done M.Sc. with Specialization in Mycology and Plant Pathology, for M.Phil. her area of specialisation was Biodiversity & and submitted dissertation entitled
    Dicotyledonous Plant Diversity of Tungareshwar Hill.
    She is keenly interested in Plant Morphology, Plant Taxonomy and likes to teach Current Trends in Plant Sciences.
    She has been active member of various college committees such as Cultural, NSS, Women Development Cell, Science Association etc.
    She is major contributor in various college examinations since 2014,
    She has played very important role as a Coordinator of Admission Committee (Science Stream).She maintains record of Vegetation of the College campus & tries to keep campus Green.
    Assistant Professor and has a teaching experience of more than 4 Years. He has qualified NET as well as SET from Two states viz. Maharashtra & AP/TS .He has Worked in various committees of college such as DLLE, Admission, Sports etc. He is deeply interested in teaching Biochemistry, Cytology, and Mycology.
  3. Mr.Abhijit Bhoye(M.Sc.,NET,SET)-
  4. Mr. Ameer Shaikh(M.Sc.)-


Our students are actively participating in various events of college.Theyshow keen interest in learning Morphology, Taxonomy, Medicinal & economical aspects  of plants during Excursions. Many of our students are academics & Working for Pharmaceutical industries.

Departmental Activities

Seminars, Quiz, Projects, Excursions to various places of Botanical interest.

Visits to Exhibitions organized by BMC & FOT Organization.

St. Xaviers College – Blatter Herbarium.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Veermata Jijabai Udyan (Botanical Garden).

Tungareshwar forest,Mangroveforest, Nurseries.


We have well equipped laboratories with WiFi  facility ,Projector, Computers, Various versions of Optical Microscopes, Spectrometer, Centrifuge,  Microtomes, Camera Lucida-Swift Ive’s & Abbe’s, Refractometer, Qubec’s Colony Counter, Occula & Stage.

Micrometer, pH Meter, Colorimeter, Monopan Balance, Autoclave, Water baths, Ecological Instruments and so on.