About Biotechnology Department

Modern biology and biotechnology play a key role in technological advancements. They are used in cell and gene therapy, manufacturing pharmaceuticals, developing biomaterials, and processing fuels such as ethanol. Additionally, they contribute to research on cancer, infectious disease, and environmental factors.

Department of  Biotechnology was established in 2005. It Offers undergraduate BSc. Course in Biotechnology(applied component as Agri -Biotechnology) Credit Based Semester System. Bachelor’s degree programs in biotechnology can open up lucrative opportunities for students in the field. They learn about molecular biology, genetics,

Vision: To be a centre of excellence in the field of biotechnology, equipped to create graduate endeavors for the welfare of mankind.

Mission: To enlighten the students for research & to nurture critical thinking, creativity & scientific temper among the students to transform them into lifelong learners and innovative.

Challenges: First-generation learners. Development of practical skills among students.

Innovative Practices of Department:

  • Seminars
  • Problems based learning
  • Bridge Course with Mathematics Department
  • Parent-Teacher Scheme (for TY BSc. projects)
  • Guest Lectures
  • Parent Meetings
  • Industrial Visits
  • Events (workshop, fest)
  • E-Learning
  • Computational Biology & Bioinformatics
  • Conduction of preliminary exams
  • Assignments


Syllabus :




Departmental Activities


Well-equipped laboratories.

Organization of Educational & industrial visits.

Qualified and experienced faculty.

Promote students for summer training